Gallina Atelier

Gallina Atelier is an elegant residence immersed in the picturesque town of La Morra,
surrounded by meadows, vineyards and hazelnut groves. This farmhouse dating back to the 1800s has been renovated with great care and attention to detail by the owners, conveying their history and passion to anyone who stays there.

A family art

The story of Gallina Atelier is first and foremost a family story.
In 2000, Pierflavio and Giuliana decided to leave the mysterious and fascinating city of Turin, in order to "go back to their origins” – in the peaceful and silent Langhe area.From this place they created the Atelier, their home, a creative place where they can welcome guests from all over the world as family friends. Their daughter Alessandra, who grew up among the vineyards and hazelnut groves, now works around the world but whenever she can, she returns to her beloved land where everything is peaceful and the people are friendly. Together, this welcoming and passionate family is delighted to offer their guests an authentic experience and an unforgettable stay in the picturesque Langhe region.

Gallina atelier

The Atelier is a suggestive place, where its guests can enjoy a creative and unique environment.

A home that rediscovers the beauty of the past

The farmhouse is a place where history, nature and tradition blend harmoniously. Purchased by Giuliana and Pierflavio after being abandoned for years, the farmhouse required years of hard work to be restored to its former beauty. With passion and dedication, the two owners have carefully studied every detail of the renovation, moving walls, windows and doors in order to get the best atmosphere. The result is an elegant and comfortable home, where every intervention and artwork has the added value of telling unique stories about the landscape to those who visit it. In addition to the tranquility that only a life in contact with nature can offer, guests can also enjoy natural products, such as fruit jams, homemade cakes and bread.

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Gallina Atelier

A detail-oriented and sustainable renovation

With passion and dedication, Giuliana and Pierflavio completed a 4-year long renovation, which has given the old farmhouse an atmosphere of timeless elegance. Among the family's antique furniture and original artwork, the interiors blend harmoniously with the surrounding nature, creating a unique and evocative setting. From the laying techniques of the antique terracotta floor to the choice of environmentally friendly materials and paints, every detail tells the effort of a renovation which was intended to be a tribute to local traditions, while also being respectful towards nature.

Gallina atelier
Gallina atelier

Gallina Ateler: the fulcrum around which the activity of the B&B, which infuses poetry and color into the different rooms of the house.

Gallina atelier

The atelier of the artist Pierflavio Gallina is the place where you can admire his works, immersing yourself in the beauty of the landscapes of the Langhe and the nature that surrounds him. A unique experience for those who want to discover the art and culture of Piedmont through the eyes of one of its most representative artists.